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Cool Brochure Design: Photofuture

Cool Brochure Design for sure! I like the idea of using a color for each city. Definitely quite a few modern elements with this design.

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Brochure Design

The Importance of a Brochure Design: A brochure can serve many purposes. It can be used for marketing, during a special occasion, or in general business. Because of this, it is important to focus on the quality of the brochure design. The brochure must carry a brand that reaches the correct target audience. Brochures are intended to inform, educate, and let future clients/customers know about your services or products.

Industry Related Brochure Design: Collect and study brochures from around the community. What makes one design more appealing than another? You can develop your sense of good design by carefully studying other designs.

Brochure Design Voice and Audience: Who are you trying to reach with your brochure design, and how do you want to come across to your target audience? Choose a type face that will express the voice you desire (script, serif, san serif…) and still keep your message (image) clear.

Brochure Design with Negative Space: Use 'empty' space to create a relationship between the contents and the page. Bring the specific information into focus on the page by adjusting the space around it. The amount of negative space in a design affects its overall tone of lightness or heaviness. As a person shouting in a noisy room stands out when the room suddenly becomes quiet, so does a word stand out on a busy page where the busyness suddenly stops (also known in design as tension).